OMRON M2 Comfort BP monitor
OMRON M2 Comfort BP monitor

OMRON M2 Comfort BP monitor

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Comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure measurements at home.

The OMRON M2 blood pressure monitor is an upper arm monitor that is fully automatic. The M2 blood pressure monitor quickly, comfortably and accurately checks your blood pressure, it then displays your results clearly on the table top unit.

The OMRON M2 contains Intellisense technology and single button operation. Activated by pressing one button the Intellisense technology automatically inflates the pre-formed cuff to a personalised inflation level that is right for you. This not only ensures a more comfortable measurement for each use but also accurate readings.

Features of OMRON M2 blood pressure monitor

• Upper arm blood pressure monitor
• Fully automatic with a single button operation
• 60 capacity memory with date and time stamp
• Intellisense technology
• Automatically inflating cuff
• Easy to use at home device

• Clinically validated

• Arrhythmia detection 

What's included

• OMRON M2 basic blood pressure monitor unit
• Cuff
• Blood pressure pass
• Storage case with zip
• 4 x AA batteries
• User manual


• Monitor type: upper arm
• Cuff: medium (22-23cm)
• Power source: 4 x AA batteries
• Memory: last reading
• Irregular heartbeat detection: no
• Body movement detection: no
• Height: 17.00cm
• length: 13.00cm
• Depth: 12.00cm
• Weight: 850.00g
•Warranty: 3 years

Suitable for

The OMRON M2 basic blood pressure monitor is suitable for adults who are able to communicate effectively and not suitable for use on children and those unable to operate the unit themselves.

Warnings and cautions

• Keep out of the sight and reach of children
• Consult your doctor or physician before using the device for any of these conditions: common arrhythmias such as atrial or ventricular premature beats, atrial fibrillation, arterial sclerosis, poor perfusion, diabetes, age, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, renal diseases. Note that motion, trembling, shivering may affect the measurement reading
• Do not take measurements more than necessary or repeatedly within 2-3 minutes - this may cause bruising
• Do not use on an injured arm or arm under medical treatment
• Do not use near high frequency (HF) surgical equipment, MRI, CT scanners or in an oxygen rich environment
• Do not alter any medication based on measurements - always take medication as prescribed
• Remove any tight fitting or thick clothing before taking a measurement
• Only use AA batteries

For further information and details on the OMRON M2 basic blood pressure monitor please read the enclosed user manual.