Omron Digital Personal Scale
Omron Digital Personal Scale
Omron Digital Personal Scale

Omron Digital Personal Scale

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Product Description

The Omron Digital Personal Scale is ideal for monitoring your weight at home and features the weight difference function that gives you the ability to easily measure the weight of a baby or perhaps luggage.

The accuracy of this weighing scale means that it will detect even slight weight changes thank to its 4-sensor technology. With the sleek, flat design (just 1.8 cm) with safety glass, these scales will look stylish in any bathroom.

The digital scale is easy to use. With a simple tap of your foot on the surface plate, the unit turns on and is ready to be used. The extra large LCD display is clear and easy to read, with measurements given either in pounds, stones or kilograms and the auto switch off preserves the battery life.

The rubber pads on the underside of the unit prevent it from moving when in use and you can choose your measurements to be shown in pounds or kilograms up to a weighing capacity of 180 kg (400lbs, 28 stones).

Omron has been one of the leading companies for healthcare products since the company was started in 1933. Since then, Omron has been involved in health product developments including launching the very first digital blood pressure monitor for home use in 1973 and introducing the first digital thermometer in 1983.


Features & details

  • Large platform - 1.8 cm depth made with safety glass
  • Weight difference function helping you to measure the weight of a baby or luggage
  • Displays in either stones/pounds, or kilograms to a maximum capacity of 180 kg (400 lbs, 28 stones)
  • Base feet are non-slip and made with non-scratch material to protect floors
  • Ideal for the whole family